Shower Cabin

The purpose of this product is to prevent the bathroom floor from getting wet at the time of a shower. This becomes a real object of decoration and adds value to bathrooms.
EuroGlassVidros offers quality products with maximum security and functionality.

Here the different types available:

Sliding door
Ideal for small bathrooms as it does not require an opening angle. It consists of a fixed part and one or two glass doors that slide with the help of wheels. The box can have a standard height of 1.90 or 2.10 or as per customer’s wish, it can be closed from the floor to the ceiling; With this solution it is necessary to have air outlet in the area, this is done with the help of a fan or exhaust window. Otherwise, we recommend that you do not completely close the space.

Box with doors
It has a door that opens and closes, so it needs a space for this opening angle. This works like a traditional door through hinges and has a door handle.

Box with accordion door
This works like a hinged door, formed by several layers of glass that are grouped when open.

Corner Box
This is for the corners of the bathroom, the installation leads at an angle of 90 degrees

Box with partition
Widely used in modern design. With only a glass partition, it borders the bathroom space between the dry and wet floor. A great way to save space as it does not have a door system.

Bath Box
In addition to protecting the splashing of water, it serves as a form of decoration. It is installed on the edge of the tub.

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