Windbreak closures

Windbreak closures

In these past years a new trend increased the installations of Windbreak closures on verandas, balconies in private homes or condominiums.
These structures can be adapted to any architectural context adding a scenic impact of style and elegance. They offer the possibility to use outdoor spaces even during winter protecting from rain, wind and low temperatures.

A windbreak closure brings an increase in volume of the available living space, therefore to fulfill legal requirements we need the support of a technician (architect) prior starting any such projects.

Windbreak closures in aluminum and glass

The structures in aluminum and glass are the most used for long lasting verandas.
Its specific thermal characteristics allow a high degree of insulation, helping to keep the heat in winter and the cool in summer.

The sliding windows allow almost total opening of the space, turning the verandas into delightful open corners to fully enjoy in the summer

The most used system is the so-called “packaging”, where the glass doors aligned on a track slide sideways and are grouped in a corner by means of a 90 ° rotating movement

The glass can have a height from the floor to the ceiling or be placed over a wall of existing protection, depending on the resistance of the latter to bear the weight load of the sliding structure.
The glass doors can reach a height of up to 2.50 meters and a maximum width of 1.0 meters, while there is no limitation regarding their quantity. These systems can be installed on straight, angled or even curved balconies.

An important point is not to use windbreakers such as parapets for balconies and terraces as they do not provide the necessary security. Therefore, in case of floor to ceiling installation, it is advisable to combine them with railings or glass parapets.

Main features:

The system has no vertical profiles, leaving the appearance of the façade unaltered, the glass doors slide on a multi-directional track, to the left and to the right.
This allows the opening of almost 100% of the compartment keeping the panoramic view of the external environment.

Here are some of the main reasons why people choose to close balconies and terraces with glass windbreaker closures:

  • security: a closed balcony is safer because there is no access for it.
  • rain protection with 95% sealing.
  • protection against wind, dust, salt and pollution.
  • noise protection;eliminates up to 70% of noise depending on the environment and the type of glass used.
  • protection against 99% of UV rays using stratified glass with solar control.
  • the property gets another room that can be used even in the winter months.
Windbreak closures in aluminum and glass

Windbreaker pvc closures

To avoid the process for the municipal permits required for glass Windbreaker installations, alternative solutions have been created very similar to glass closures, easily removable consisting of transparent PVC curtains with metal structure and vertical sliding, manual or motorized, with the possibility of adding innovative technological systems for the automatic movement of the same in the event of wind or rain.

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